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and offer its customers a 100% cloud platform with rapid implementation and no bureaucracy.

Interfy online sales site, with partner URL

Unlimited Cloud Environments for Sale of Products

Interfy Platform Demo Software

Sales Management and Administration Environment

Greater margin of profit offered in the market, and independence for its resale to grow.

100% in sales

* 100% in professional services

*100% gross profit margin for Platinum category partners

Unlimited cloud for sales

With the Interfy Cloud environment, Partner visits the client and enables a workspace in seconds for him to taste and get to know the product.

Through the administration environment, the Partner manages its clients, being able to release and block accesses, issue consumption reports and monitor their financial status. The partner can work with any size of client and in any segment and will pay for the consumption in the platform on everything that sell.

Meet quick projects and delight your future customers with Interfy Platform products.

With Interfy, Partner has total control of the business and never fails to make a sale, because it has all the resources on hand to serve the customer at the time it needs. Our channel policy promotes the freedom for the partner to market the products and services directly to the end customer, and the security to build a strong business with excellent margin of gain.

No license applications, installations and bureaucracies.

Our partners have the autonomy to make your business with Interfy grow at your pace. Accelerate your company and your customers' businesses by bringing technology into smart management at an affordable price.

Why pay dearly or spend months hoping to use a Management System?

This time is over, Interfy has de-bureaucratized the use of technology and accelerated the digital transformation of companies, is part of this great revolution that is impacting the software market.

Interfy companies

Software Resellers

Scanners Reseller

Consultants in the area of you

Document storage companies

outsourcing of printing

Resale of computer products

Document scanning bureaus

Resale of digital certificates

Professional Certification

Interfy provides complete certification for all of its products through an Interfy University platform.

Your own partners will be able to certify their professionals in the platform, totally in Portuguese

training model: ead (remote)

duration of lessons: 5 to 25 minutes per video

Total course length: 8 hours

certification exam: 10 questions at the end of each session

type of certificate: digital, issued online and sent via e-mail

responsive design via pc, tablets and smartphones

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